Demo video [.mpg, 15mb]. Compatible with most players. Demo video low quality [.avi, MS mpg4 codec, 6mb]. Compatible with Win2000 & XP. Perttu and Johku tag team match [.mpg, 8mb]

Screenshot. Screenshot.
Voice activated supercharge. Screenshot from Taistelevat Julkkikset TV show.
pixelACHE 2004 - overview pixelACHE 2005 - 2 players pixelACHE 2005 - 2 players
pixelACHE 2005 - split kick pixelACHE 2005 - au batido pixelACHE 2005 - flykick
pixelACHE 2005 - flykick pixelACHE 2005 - backsaulting over the enemy pixelACHE 2005 - check out the lightsaber effect!

The game setup has two screens, seen on the left and right side of the stage. You move on the play area between the screens. The camera captures your moves and places your figure inside the game. Any number of players can collaboratively fight the virtual enemies.
The image to the upper left of this collage portrays the image as seen by the image processing algorithm. The actual camera view is to the left bottom and the game screenshot is to the right.
You can do acrobatic martial arts moves that would hurt you in real combat. You can also use the game for training - the profile view and slow motion replays give useful feedback.