Animaatiokone software

Create your own animation using Animaatiokone software

Animaatiokone is a software for creating stop-motion animation. It's easy and intuitive to use and helps you focus on animating. In fact, all you need while working is the three buttons in your remote control unit: capture, delete and preview.

The basic user interface consists of timeline, playback and camera windows. The camera window shows the live view of the camera, possibly onion skinned with timeline data. Onion skinning –feature combines camera picture with up to two other pictures to help create smooth movements. The timeline window shows thumbnails of all the captured frames, providing basic editing capability. The playback window shows the current frame. Quick preview and full screen playback are available at all times.


  • Animaatiokone runs on any desktop or laptop PC with a camera connected to it!
  • Animaatiokone produces broadcast quality animation
  • Easy usability makes it suitable for kids and beginners
  • No rewinding! Quick preview allows you to view your work at anytime
  • Onion skinning –feature helps you to create smooth movements
  • Animaatiokone –software is easily controllable with mouse, keyboard or remote control unit
  • You can share your works with your friends in the web

Package contents

  • Animaatiokone software
  • User guide

Additional components

  • Web camera
  • Animators guide
  • Remote control unit
  • Camera stand
  • Animation set: plasticine, lamps, background canvas

Product Specifications

  • Controls for creating stop motion animation:
    • Capture
    • Delete
    • Quick Preview
    • Play
  • Remote control unit for basic controls
  • Editing capabilities:
    • Timeline navigation and zooming
    • Cut, paste & duplicate frames
  • Adjustable frame rate (1-30 frames per second)
  • Onion skinning
    • Onion skinning –feature combines camera picture with up to two other pictures to help create smooth movements.
  • Playback and capture quality:
    • Capturing quality depends on the camera used. Web camera gives typically 640 x 480 while DV (PAL) gives 720 x 576. You can use lower playback quality for slower hard drives.
    • You can capture and view the frames at full quality, the resolution will only be reduced during playback.
  • Integrated camera adjustment
    • Easy image adjusting depending on your camera driver
  • Exporting animation
    • Animaatiokone captures uncompressed bitmap images. The sequence can be easily imported into any popular video editing software.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows® 98, 2000, Me, XP
  • Pentium II 400, Celeron™, AMD Athlon® processor (500+ Mhz recommended)
  • 64 MB RAM (or minimum OS requirement whichever is higher)
  • 200 MB free hard drive space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 32bit colors
  • Video for windows compatible camera (USB, DV, Analog)
  • DirectX8
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