Animaatiokone seen in Louisiana

Animaatiokone was invited to the Red Stick International Animation Festival to Baton Rouge. Louisiana was great and so was the festival. Not to mention all the people we met, even the english ;-) Animaatiokone was placed in the Old State Capitol, which is absolutely one of the finest places the machine has ever been. We'll be back next year. Hell yea!

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Happy birthday Animaatiokone

Animaatiokone turned 2 years today! Happy birthday to you... And Medialab (the place that gave birth to Animaatiokone) turned 10 years today. Congratulations. Both Animaatiokone and the Kick Ass Kung Fu were at the Mlab 10th anniversary party.

Three weeks in a row...

Animaatiokone has been in use in Annantalo for nearly three weeks now. Longest exhibition ever! And the kids love it ;-)

Young Designer Award

Mikko finally got his MA done and Animaatiokone was nominated for the Masters of Arts exhibition organized by the University of Arts and Design Helsinki. Animaatiokone was one of the four works to win the Young Designer Award. Congratulations!

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Animaatiokone in England

Animaatiokone at Animex! We got the invitation to the festival at a last minute, packed Animaatiokone in a really short notice and shipped to England. Now it has been standing at the lobby of the University of Teesside for the whole week while we have been giving animation workshops all around northern England. Great kids and a great festival. We'll be happy to come back next year.

> Photos from the workshops.


The Copenhagen based Innovation Lab invited Animaatiokone to take part of the NEXT -festival. Lots of cool stuff here...

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Two prices in one competition!

Animaatiokone was awarded two (or actually three) times this weekend at MindTrek gala in Tampere, Finland. Animaatiokone won the first prize in the children category and the category for non-commercial works. Animaatiokone won the third prize in the MindTrek Grand Prix. The SANKARI-SHOW won the Grand Prix and 20 000€. Congratulations Minna and Petri!

> Photos from the gala.

Prix Special de Jury!

And the "Prix Special de Jury" goes to... ANIMAATIOKONE. Jiiihaa! As a result of the Prix Möbius Nordica prize Animaatiokone won on January we were sent to Athens for the Prix Möbius International. The trip was just great and we even did have time to do some sightseeing... great fun! And we did get the trophy!

> Photos from the tour.

Animaatiokone at Annecy Festival

While Mikko and Perttu were touring the US with the installation, Ari and Ami were presenting Animaatiokone Studio software at the Annecy International Animation festival.

Animaatiokone touring the US

Animaatiokone is touring with the PixelACHE festival. The exhibitoion venue in New York is the ultra cool > Gershwin Hotel. In Montreal PixelACHE is part of the opening party of the SAT premises.

> Photos from the tour.

Animaatiokone up and running at Kunsthalle Lophem

Animaatiokone is ready for the three week exhibition in Kunsthalle Lophem, Belgium. It survived the trip and it's up and running again. Check out the images and articles here.

> Photos from the Kunsthalle.

FF Mediafestival News

FF mediafestival was a a success, for tons of great and highly artistic (?) animation was created. Animaatiokone would like to thank everybody invloved.

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Animaatiokone got awarded!

Animaatiokone-team won Le Prix Special du Jury, which means that Animaatiokone travels to the Prix Möbius International Athens, Greece in September 2003. Don't forget to view the award-winning-animation.

> Some photos from Lume Centre. By Miikka Poutiainen.
> Article in Helsingin Sanomat. Read more... (.jpg 206 kb)
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Dub your own animation

Animaatiokone is louder than ever. After finishing your animation you can dub it by simply pressing the DUB-button. It's as easy as it sounds. And fun.

Animaatiokone chosen as Prix Möbius Nordica Finalist

Prix Möbius Nordica jury has chosen Animaatiokone to be presented to international jury at Media Centre Lume on 25.1.2002. Animaatiokone will be at your service at the preview exhibition from 17.1. to 25.1. at Lume Gallery. See tour for more information.


Happy New Year 2003 from the Animaatiokone Team!

Greetings to everybody from Mikko, Perttu & Ari! Be sure to check back for more info on Animaatiokone Tour which is to be continued in 2003 after our winter holiday.

Article in ARTTU magazine

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Animaatiokone in Sub-TV's Sessions

Sessions visited Animatricks animationfestival on Saturday 2.11. The program will be broadcasted on Tuesday 12.11. at 19.15



> Read the article in Börje Magazine. Written by Teriina Lindblom(.jpg 171 kb)

Animaatiokone on Radio Aino (part 2)

> Listen to the interview from the archive of Radio Aino.

Animaatiokone "surprise" on thursday in Valopilkku, TV1

Watch the cultural program Valopilkku on Thursday 7.11 at 21:35 at YLE, TV1.

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> Valopilkku broadcast will be here soon...

Tour at Kettupäivät short film festival

Animaatiokone on Tour.

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Tour at Animatricks Animationfestival

Animaatiokone is on Tour.

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Animaatiokone on TV-NYTT

The news broadcast at TV-NYTT will be here soon...

Article in Helsingin Sanomat

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Article in NYT magazine

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Animaatiokone i Hufvudstadsbladet

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Animaatiokone on Radio Aino

> Listen to the interview at Radio Aino. By Riku Saariluoma (.mp3, 6.7 mb)

Animaatiokone in YLE's news

Animaatiokone was introduced to the finnish public in the main news broadcast at YLE TV1 on Monday 28.10. It was referred as the latest finnish invention in the field of animation. It made also the main topic of the YLE's Cultural News on Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

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Premiere at Tennispalatsi

Animaatiokone started its tour...

Animaatiokone in Uutislehti 100

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Animaatiokone in T-lehti

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Sneak preview at Love & Anarchy film festival

The tour is about to begin...